Rental Property Income/Expense Sheet

    Property address:_______________________________________City_________________  State_______

    Description of property (ex. 2bdrm House)___________________________________
    Primary owner of Property (T= Taxpayer  S=Spouse  J=Joint)____________________

    Is this a rental property?                                                   Yes__  No __

    If "Yes " was the property used for personal purposes during the tax year? __Yes   __No

    If "Yes " please complete the information below:
    •        Number of days property was occupied by you, a member of the family, or any individual not paying rent at the fair market value    +        _____________
    •        number of days the property was not occupied                         +_____________
    •        Number of days the property was actually rented                       +_____________
    Total days in the tax year                                                = ___365_______
    •        Did you actively participate in the operation of the rental during  2014?  ___Yes __No
    •        If "Yes" did you materially participate?                                            ___Yes __No
    •        Was the property acquired before 10/22/86?                                    ___Yes __No
    Income:     Rents Received $_____________
                    Royalties received $_____________    
    EXPENSES: Please list dollar amount of these expense.  Please understand that it is your responsibility to maintain receipt copies for 5yrs .
    1.  _________________________         ADVERTISING        : Type_________________
    2.  _________________________         AUTO AND TRAVEL(hotel cost, Fuel cost)        
    3.  _________________________         CLEANING        
    4.  _________________________         MAINTENANCE        
    5.  _________________________         COMMISSIONS        
    6.  _________________________         INSURANCE  * Type____________ (ex: renters or homeowners)
    7. __________________________         LEGAL AND OTHER PROFESSION FEES(ex.evictions fees)        
    8.  _________________________          MORTGAGE INTEREST PD TO BANKS        
    9. ___________________________       OTHER INTEREST        
    10.__________________________        REPAIRS        
    11.__________________________        SUPPLIES        
    12.__________________________        TAXES        
    13.__________________________        UTILITIES        
    14.__________________________        MANAGEMENT FEES        
    15.__________________________        DEPRECIATION EXPENSE        
    16.__________________________        LAWN CARE
    17.__________________________        OTHER EXPENSES        

    Please use next form to add additional notes for preparer to review:
    Additional information we may need to know that is not listed or additional notes you would like for us to review.





    This information is true to the best of my ability and will be used for tax preparation purposes @Accurate Taxx llc for TAX year: ________________